Reduce your carbon footprint, Reuse what you can't reduce,
Recycle what you can't reuse, Offset what you can't recycle... Leave no tracks.

More Information

  • About the Project

    Want to know more about the purpose and the goals of the project?
    Click Here for a bit more information.

  • CO2 and Offsets FAQ

    Want to know more about CO2 emissions and Carbon Credit Offsetting in general?
    We'll do our best to explain the main points of how it all works.
    Just Click Here to learn more.

  • Our Milestones for 2011

    Our first goal is to offset 1000 tons of CO2. That would be the CO2 output of an average american car driving around the earths equator 124 times.
    Click Here for more about our goals.

  • Plans for the future

    There is so much more we want to do with this project. Soon we hope to be able to offer many more offset options as well as gift products so you can encourage your friends and family to do more for our environment. Click Here for more info.

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